Have thin hair? You might be making these mistakes!

Have thin hair? You might be making these mistakes!

Have you seen yourself in the mirror these days? There are no qualms to admit that you are trying hard to maintain your hairstyling routine. You want your hair thick and shiny. But, despite your efforts, it feels like you aren’t succeeding at all. Well, hair thinning is quite common among men and women. It is because of the hair loss reason; the hair strands seem inferior due to aging or several other reasons like stress or poor diet.


Are you frustrated with your hair? Are you finding that it's getting thinner and thinner and that no matter what you do nothing seems to help? Here we're going to provide a list of things which you might be doing unknowingly that might be harming your hair, and what you can do about them.


  1. Pulling hair in a tie when wet

When we wash our hair, the pores on our scalp open. Combing wet hair or tying them causes the hair to become thin and break easily.

If you want to tie wet hair, brush your fingers through your hair to untangle it and use a silk scrunchie.


  1. Using too much oil

Just because everyone says oiling is beneficial for healthy hair, doesn’t mean it will do wonders for you. But having an oily scalp and oiling is not the best combination. If you want to oil your hair, visit a trichologist and understand your hair better.


  1. Avoiding haircuts

A lot of us think that avoiding haircuts is the only way to grow our hair longer. But the truth is, regular haircuts help get rid of the dead ends, helping in lesser breakage and thinning of hair. To have healthy hair, it is advisable to get haircuts every one month.


  1. Experimenting with products