What does dry shampoo do? Are you using it the right way?

What does dry shampoo do? Are you using it the right way?

Late for a Monday meeting? Don’t have the time to wash your hair? Or are you simply lazy? Dry shampoo always has your back! It has now become a wardrobe essential. But is it a fad or here to stay?

Dry shampoos contain corn or aluminum starch that helps soak the oil, the culprit that makes your hair greasy after 2-3 days of washing. Yes, it is as miraculous as it sounds. No need to shower for voluminous and gorgeous hair. Right? But it is magic only if used the right way! If not used properly, it may cause dandruff-like flakes, ashy roots, and dry and dull hair. So, here a few tips to become a dry shampoo ninja.


Limit the use of dry-shampoo

If you have colored hair, using dry shampoo helps slow down the process of fading the color. But, prolonged use may leave a build-up of residue on the scalp, clogging and hampering hair growth and encouraging hair breakage. It will also cause the hair to become dry, gritty, and stiff.

Sulo Tip: Use small amounts of dry shampoo and massage it throughout the roots. It will help the product absorb better.


Shake and Distribute

Before using the spray bottle, always remember to shake the bottle. It will help the formula to get well-blended for best results.


Keep moving

Don’t spray the shampoo continuously in one section of the hair. It will clog your hair follicles. Keep moving back and forth to spread the shampoo evenly.

Sulo Tip: Hold the spray bottle four-eight inches away from your scalp. It will help prevent the development of white residue due to overuse of the product. 


Use only on the greasy parts of your scalp

Applying the dry shampoo all over your scalp will make the non-greasy parts of your hair dry and stiff. It is better to apply the product only where the hair is greasy.

Sulo Tip: Do not comb right after applying the shampoo. Let it sit for a couple of minutes before you massage it into your scalp with your fingers or comb.

For making your hair less greasy there is dry shampoo, and to make your hair healthy from inside, there is Sulo.