2 gummies a day = Daily hair booster

‘It also fights hair fall and adds volume while being made with natural cane sugar.’

‘Packed with the goodness of vitamin C and amla extract, these vitamin gummies will make your hair healthier and stronger.’

‘Building on the high nutritional value of the Indian ingredients, the company has launched India’s first amla gummy candy for lustrous locks.’

‘These yummy gummies are made with a fusion of modern vitamins, minerals, and Indian ingredients.’

‘Treats for healthy hair are packed with a palate unique to Indian taste'

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Gorgeous Hair

Everyone wants their hair to be lustrous and strong, but few are willing to do what it takes to make it happen! We at Sulo have taken on that challenge for you, which is why we’re itching to introduce you to Happy Hair Amla Gummies! Just pop two of these into your mouth, and your hair troubles are gone south

Our Science

What Do Hair Gummies Do?

Sulo has come up with Happy Hair gummies that make your hair long and strong.

Reduces Frizziness

Happy Hair contains Amla and Vitamin A, making your hair shinier and silkier, making them easy to detangle.

Moisture Retention

We packed our gummies with ten essential vitamins and biotin to increase moisture in your hair, thus making them lustrous.

Reduces Hairfall

The Folic Acid, Zinc, and Amla extract in Happy Hair promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall.

Healthy Roots

Our gummies contain Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6, which keep your Hair healthy inside out.

Unbeatable Taste. Unsurpassed Health

It’s a well-known fact that supplements aren’t known for their taste – same with many other gummies, too. We at Sulo can promise you from day 1; your gummies will taste flat-out amazing! That is because we never make a compromise on our ingredients. We use 100% natural canned sugar rather than cloying artificial sugar.

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Why settle for anything less than perfect?

Our Hair Is The Crown On Top Of The Body

Vegan & Curelty Free

No Side Effects

Clinically Tested

Made For All

Gelatin & Gluten Free

Tasty & Delecious

Hair loss, Hair thinning & Hair fall?

You’re not alone

Scientific studies show that 25% of all men are bald before they are 21, and less than half of women get through life with a full head of hair. These are alarming statistics indeed. Also, with so much advertising about hair problems, choosing the right solution becomes a problem.

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Science behind our gummies!

Conceptualised in India, Sulo aims to make healthy hair easy!
With safety being a priority, our gummies are not just delicious, but certified with FSSAI.


The powerhouse of vitamin C, Amla is known to provide healthy locks. With the goodness of Vitamin C and its properties to promote healthy hair, Amla helps make hair healthy from inside.


The sidekick to healthy hair is extremely crucial for replenishing keratin. Biotin helps protect hair from the problems due to increasing pollution and regular hair styling.


Little elves to a healthy scalp, zinc helps protein synthesis and nutrient absorption. This helps to make your locks stronger and break less.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid is the hub to healthy cell growth. To have healthy hair, folic acid plays an important role, it keeps the hair shiny, makes the hair strands thick, and prevents premature graying.

Natural Hair Booster

Handmade wooden comb for all hair types that are made out of the bark of a neem tree, a medicinal plant native to the Indian subcontinent. Combing helps distribute your natural oils from your scalp move through your strands — helping get rid of oily roots and gets your strands moisturized.

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Not just a Hair Vitamin


What our family feels about Sulo?

Shifa Rizvi


Completely Ayurvedic & Natural

Because of PCOS, my hair is thin. So I’ve tried oiling, different shampoos, nothing seemed to work. I got to know about Sulo through Instagram and thought of giving it a try since it is Ayurvedic. After a month of consuming Sulo, my hair is regaining its thickness. Truly love this product.

Sabina Ahmed

New Delhi

My day is powered by Sulo's Gummies!

I never thought it’ll be this easy to get my hair shine back. Due to frequent hair coloring, my hair had lost its shine. Consuming these gummies everyday have brought my hair shine back!

Vikas Yadav


Happy to have Happy Hair Gummies

After consuming it for one month consistently, I started noticing changes in my hair quality. It's more dense and nourished now. My good hair days are back.

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