Your Scalp Health, Are You Doing It Right?

Your Scalp Health, Are You Doing It Right?

The root of a great day is gorgeous hair! Have you ever paused and tried making to understand your scalp's health? Or are you just styling your hair daily, beautifying it on the outside? Each one of us loves styling our hair—coloring, blow-drying, straightening, curling, applying hair gel, the list is endless. 

To style your hair without any guilt, all you need to do is maintain a healthy scalp! Here is all that you need to know about a healthy scalp. Let’s begin, shall we? 


So, what is a Healthy Scalp?

A scalp that is not visible when the hair is too dry or too oily is usually healthy! If you have an itchy or oily scalp, your scalp might be unhealthy. Here’s what you can do to make your scalp healthy. 


Establishing a Cleansing Routine

Choose products with minimum chemicals for your hair and plan out a proper schedule that works best for your hair, based on its type. Regular hair washes increase the chance of drying out of the scalp and reducing the number of hair washes may cause unhealthy oil build up in the scalp. 


Exfoliate your Scalp

Regular exfoliation for your skin is necessary, why ignore your scalp? Regular exfoliation helps reduce the dead skin and increase blood flow on the scalp. This helps in strengthening hair follicles and strengthening the roots.


Don’t Forget to Condition

Just like stepping in the sun without sunscreen harms the skin, similarly, not conditioning after applying shampoo makes the hair more prone to damage. Applying conditioner or hair mask reduces hair breakage and split ends.


Consume a Healthy Diet

Your diet should have a large number of raw fruits and vegetables, as unprocessed fruits and vegetables are extremely important for a healthy gut, and a healthy gut results in a healthy scalp. 


To make your scalp healthy, do not forget to add 2 Happy Hair gummies to your diet every day.